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How does it work…

1) You choose your dishes on the MENU AND DISHES window

2) You check the RATES window to decide on the package(s) that suites you and you call or email Napa (see CONTACT US window) to arrange for a date

 3) You make sure that you tell your second-half and/or your guest(s), you relax and wait for the time of your class that will start at exactly...

...4:30 PM !!!

Napa will pick you up at your home, take you down to the old Gage street market in the heart of Hong Kong Central, just a stone throw from Soho and Hollywood road

Once there, you will not only visit the various shops and stalls, enjoy the art of gauging and choosing the right ingredients but you will also be given a comprehensive and thorough explanation about each one,  the background history, the nature, the applications and the flavors are no secret for Napa...

5:30 PM

Back in the comfort of your home, Napa will take you through the menu, give you a briefing on each of the three dishes and prepare you for this unique hands-on preparatory task.

You may relax and watch or take part if you wish, write notes, shoot photos whatever fancy your mood but most of all you will learn the ancient art and minutia techniques of Thai cuisine preparation.

By the time the dishes are ready, Napa will have helped you understand Thai cuisine, the old Kingdom of Siam, its culture and the food bondings that were created through the centuries at the crossroads of Khmer, Burmese and  Chinese civilizations and how they influenced the look, the scents and the flavors of these magical Thai culinary paragons...

...7:30 PM

You will now be ready to enjoy first hand your home-cooked Thai dinner, Napa will leave on the sly satisfied that she was able to take you away from the daily routine and stress of the Hong Kong's life and for a few hours helped you discover the wonderful world of Thai cuisine. 

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